Dell EMC Service Assurance Suite and Real-Time Intelligence Technology Support Integration into VMware
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Dell EMC Service Assurance Suite and Real-Time Intelligence Technology Support Integration into VMware


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This article provides technical support details on the acquisition of Dell EMC Service Assurance Suite (SAS) and Real-Time Intelligence (RTI) products that are being replaced by VMware Smart Assurance and VMware Smart Experience respectively.

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On August 7th, 2018, VMware announced the acquisition of the Dell EMC Service Assurance Suite (SAS) and Real-Time Intelligence (RTI) technology. VMware will be assuming technical support responsibility for these products effective December 17, 2018.


I am an existing customer of the former Dell EMC Service Assurance Suite (SAS) and Dell EMC RTI technology. What actions have been taken for VMware to provide technical support for these products on the cutover date of December 17, 2018?
VMware has been building the processes and structures to successfully map your SAS and RTI business needs, interactions, entitlements, support, and renewals into VMware’s systems and practices.  On the cutover date of December 17, 2018, VMware will take your Technical Support Requests using our standard access points. You will be able to use either the Customer Connect Get Support web page, chat, or the VMware global toll free phone numbers.
VMware’s Global Support Services has been sending communications summarizing VMware’s Support Entitlement process to those that have filed service requests with Dell EMC for SAS and RTI. 
How do I ensure I can log support cases?
This table summarizes how to access VMware support.
Support Entitlement
On or about December 17, 2018, VMware will take your Technical Support Requests. Customers can use either the Customer Connect “Get Support” web page, chat or the VMware global toll-free phone number.
Before you contact VMware support
  • Take time to confirm or create your Customer Connect Profile.
    • Customers new to VMware’s support systems, will have Profiles and Customer Numbers created in advance.
    • VMware Customers with existing VMware Profiles will have their SAS and RTI technology products added to their entitlements.
  • Make sure the Super User for your account assigns you appropriate permissions for folders in the account (once you have created your Customer Connect Profile).
  • Once you have created your Profile and have the appropriate permissions assigned by your Super User for folders in an account, you can file a Support Request

How to confirm / create a Customer Connect Profile

  • Go to the Customer Connect page and log in or register using your email address.
    Note: If your Profile is new, click Forgot Password to enter a personal password.
  • Users who would also like to access the customer community in the VMware Technology Network (VMTN) must create a Preferred Community Username.
    Note: If you have a Customer Connect account and would like to join the VMTN communities, once logged in to Customer Connect visit this page.
  • See the Related Information section for assistance.
  • Your Customer Connect Profile holds your unique VMware Customer Number which should be used when contacting VMware Support.
  • An email confirmation with a VMware Support Request number will be sent when a Support Request is filed via the web, chat or telephone.
Items for you to remember and reference
  • Your VMware Customer Number
  • Your VMware Entitlement Account Number
  • Your Account Super User (as appropriate for your contract)
I had an open technical support request with Dell EMC before the transfer date. What will happen to my case?

VMware will migrate your open support case(s) into our case management system.
To view your open support requests, select Get Support from Customer Connect. To view Support Requests, click on View All Support Requests in Customer Connect Overview page.
Will the product Knowledge Base articles I used at Dell EMC be available at VMware?
Yes. VMware has been working with Dell EMC to ensure we have converted the Knowledge Base articles to our Knowledge Management system by December 17th. You will be able to search for these articles on the VMware Knowledge Base 
How does a partner submit a support request on behalf of a customer?

The customer Super User must grant the required permissions to a partner individual to be able to submit support requests in Customer Connect.
The customers will be able to start managing permissions on their accounts starting on December 17th.

How can I contact VMware support?

The following table summarizes how to contact VMware for support:
Contacting VMware
OnlineUse Customer Connect or the VMware Technology Network  
TelephoneFollow the automated phone system prompts
ChatGet Support in Customer Connect Portal
  1. Select the Account
  2. Select the Product
    1. Click Continue button
 A pop up message is displayed with chat support offered (dependent on TSE availability)

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