vpxd crashes intermittently with an error "Signal 11 received, si_code 1, si_errno 0"
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vpxd crashes intermittently with an error "Signal 11 received, si_code 1, si_errno 0"


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  • vpxd crashes intermittently with Signal 11 received, si_code 1, si_errno 0.
  • The vpxd-xxx.txt file contains entries similar to:
    Crash Report build=5318203
    Signal 11 received, si_code 1, si_errno 0
       Bad access at 18
    eip 0x7fee2518ee83 esp 0x7fed54d9cea8 ebp 0x7fee2a6f6118
    eax 0x18 ebx 0x7fee2be18c10 ecx 0x7fee2be18c10 edx 0x0 esi 0x7fed54d9cfe0 edi 0x7fee2be18c10

  • backtrace of vpxd dump contains entries similar to:
    #10 0x00007fcdb208ef67 in Vmacore::Service::LogInternal (log=<value optimized out>, n=<value optimized out>,
    m=0x7fcdb75ec118 "[VpxdDrmInterface::ValidateFault] For NoDiskSpace fault, the datastore %1 no longer exists so suppressing fault", f1=...) at bora/vim/lib/vmacore/main/logger.cpp:1910
    #11 0x00007fcdb6f8a6da in VpxdDrmInterfaceInternal::SetArgumentsForFault (spiDCfg=0x7fcca4946060, cluster=<value optimized out>, invtPod=0x7fcd8024c780, hostMoRef=<value optimized out>,
    faultArg=0x0, isCdrs=false, fault=...) at bora/vpx/drs/interface/drmInterfacePrivate.cpp:3281
    #12 0x00007fcdb6f8b73c in VpxdDrmInterfaceInternal::ConvertSdrsFaultsToPublic (invtPod=0x7fcd8024c780, faultsInt=..., spiDCfg=0x7fcca4946060, result=...)
    at bora/vpx/drs/interface/drmInterfacePrivate.cpp:5190
    #13 0x00007fcdb6f62901 in VpxdDrmInterfaceInternal::AskSdrsForInitialPlacement (invtPod=0x7fcd8024c780, spec=0x7fcc3cad2160, diskIds=..., result=..., execRecs=...)
    at bora/vpx/drs/interface/drmInterfacePublic.cpp:1447
    #14 0x00007fcdb702a95c in VpxDrmStorageResourceManager::RecommendDatastores (this=<value optimized out>, spec=0x7fcc3cad2160, result=...)


This issue is resolved in vCenter Server 6.5 U2, available at VMware Downloads.