SD-WAN: BGP never sends keep alives if timers are blank in VCO UI
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SD-WAN: BGP never sends keep alives if timers are blank in VCO UI


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VMware VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud


If a user configures the BGP keep alive and hold timers as blank in the Orchestrator UI, the peer device BGP state will remain up, however once the edge restarts, the BGP adjacency between the edge and the peer will not come back up.


VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud


This is caused by known issue #129694

This is an issue with Orchestrator UI Validation.
The Orchestrator should not allow blank values as these are sent as an empty string.
The expected behavior for the UI is to have default values in these timers and if these are deleted with no replacement value and saved, the Orchestrator should throw an error and require an actual integer value.


This issue is resolved in VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator Version 5.2.3 (R5230-20240315-GA).

For more information please seeĀ VMware SD-WAN Software Upgrade FAQs

Instead of leaving these fields blank in UI, configure some values.
The default values are 60s for keep alive timer and 180s for hold timer.

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