LACP cannot be enabled
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LACP cannot be enabled


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VMware vSphere ESXi


When you enable LACP using the CLI, the command errors out. For example, enable lacp <dvs-name> produces an error. The errors occur for different reasons, as outlined below.
  • = "LACP for VDS {1} is enabled." - This is for information only.
  • = "LACP for VDS {1} is disabled." -- If you do not explicitly disable it from the CLI, you can disable it from the LACP module. The following vobs are a cause of this error:
    • = "Lacp error: Current teaming policy for VDS {1} is incompatible, supported is IP hash only."
    • = "Lacp error: All uplinks on VDS {1} must be active."
    • = "Lacp error: Speed across all uplinks must be same, VDS {1} uplink {2} has different speed."
    • = "Lacp error: Duplex mode across all uplinks must be full, VDS {1} uplink {2} has different duplex modes."
    • = "Lacp error: No peer response on upLink {1} for VDS {2}."
The vobs below are warnings or information only when the you try to change an uplink property, such as moving the uplink to a blocked state,shutting it down, or pulling the cable, etc.
  • = "Lacp warning: Uplink {1} on VDS {2} moved out of link aggregation group."
  • = "Lacp info: Uplink {1} on VDS {2} moved into link aggregation group."
  • = "Lacp warning: Uplink {1} on VDS {2} is blocked."
  • = "Lacp info: Uplink {1} on VDS {2} is unblocked."
  • = "Lacp warning: Uplink {1} on VDS {2} got disconnected."
  • = "Lacp info: Uplink {1} on VDS {2} got connected."


VMware vSphere ESXi 5.1


For each vob message you see, the solution is listed below:
  • = "LACP for VDS {1} is disabled." - Check the following vob messages for this action if you have not explicitly disabled the LACP:
    • - Check to see if any of the distributed port groups have the teaming policy set to anything other than IP hash.
    • - Check to see if any of the uplinks are in other lists than active.
    • - Check the local speed setting on the uplink as well as the peer switch.
    • - Check to see if the local duplex setting as well as peer switch setting is full duplex.
    • - Check to see why the peer is not responding.
There is no actions to take for the following vobs as they are for information purposes: