Limitations seen during vRNI migration from On-Premises to vRNI Cloud via Flamingo
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Limitations seen during vRNI migration from On-Premises to vRNI Cloud via Flamingo


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VMware Aria Operations for Networks


The purpose of this Knowledge Base article is to provide information about the  known limitations seen in migration of some of the vRNI On-Premises configurations to vRNI Cloud.

There are some known limitations in migration of some of the vRNI configurations.

1. Migration of Applications, Outliers and Thresholds (Analytics) is not supported. 

2. Migration of the Pinboards depends on resolution of referenced entities (via model keys) across the source and target vRealize Network Insight systems.
If that resolution fails (could be because the entity is not present on the target system) then those Pinboards will not be migrated. 

3. If you have one or more of below data source, then migration is not supported for vRNI cluster (multiple platform nodes) setups:
    a. VMware Cloud on AWS NSX Manager
    b. VMware Cloud on Dell EMC NSX Manager.

4. Migration of following datasource(s) are not supported:
    a. Physical Flow Collector (Netflow, sFlow) 
    b. NSX Controller

5. Migration of SNMP trap with SNMP v3 protocol is not supported.
6. Migration of Templates is not supported.
7. Migration of Syslog Configuration is not supported.


VMware vRealize Network Insight 6.5.1
VMware vRealize Network Insight 6.6.0



There is no workaround for the known limitations mentioned above.
After migration customers can create the failed/missing configurations from vRNI Cloud GUI.

Additional Information

While adding/migrating Data sources with FQDN, please ensure that vRNI standard documented procedure is followed:

1. Before starting migration verify whether provided IP/FQDN for data sources are resolvable from newly provisioned vRealize Network Insight Collector VMs using "ping" command.

2. If it is not reachable, then verify if the DNS is configured correctly on vRealize Network Insight Collector VMs using "
nslookup" FQDN and "show-config" command.

3. If DNS is incorrect, then correct it using the "
setup" command.

4. Alternatively configure "
/etc/hosts" on vRealize Network Insight Proxy VMs, to make sure data source FQDNs are reachable. Verify using "ping" command.

Note: Please find the above commands details in vRNI Documentation below:

This will impact all vRNI 6.5.1 and vRNI 6.6.0 On-Premises to vRNI Cloud migrations.