Issues Fixed in VMware-vRealize-Network-Insight.5.2.0.P1-1587685176.patch.bundle
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Issues Fixed in VMware-vRealize-Network-Insight.5.2.0.P1-1587685176.patch.bundle


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VMware Aria Operations for Networks


The Purpose of this VMware Knowledge Base Article is to:

1. Understand the issue seen on vRNI 5.2 GA.
2. How to identify the above 5 issues in customer's Environment.
3. How to fix the issues with procedure/steps to update vRNI Patch


This VMware Knowledge Base Article describes 5 Bug-fixes in vRNI 5.2. 
These bug fixes are now  resolved after applying Patch (

List of issues fixed and details

Issue 1VM-Path: Path through SD-WAN Edge to Internet does not render.
Versions Impacted   vRNI 5.2.0
How to identify the issue 

SD-WAN Connectivity to internet through SD-WAN Edge will be broken in vRNI GUI. (i.e. : VM to Internet through SD-WAN Edge/hub, IP to Internet through SD-WAN Edge/hub). Refer to attached screen shot.

ResolutionApply the vRNI 5.2.0-P1 patch bundle  to fix the issue.
Issue 2Post vRNI update from 5.1 to 5.2, the NSX-T Manager topology widget is not showing correctly.
Versions Impacted   

vRNI 5.2 (specifically for setup which are upgraded from vRNI 5.1 and have NSX-T (2.4 and above) added as a data source). Users updating from vRNI 5.0 to vRNI 5.2 will not see this issue.

How to identify the Issue Go to NSX-T Manager dashboard. You will observe missing lines on NSX-T Manager Topology. (Refer to attached screen-shot). This issue will also be visible in case you go to NSX-T Management Node dashboard, there you will find missing details on various widgets. 
Resolution Apply the vRNI 5.2.0-P1 patch bundle to fix the issue.
Issue 3FireFox - NSX-T Manager Dashboard "Bytes of ..." section from Summary tab is getting cut.
Versions impacted   vRNI 5.2  
How to identify the issue Customer using Firefox Browser will see this issue, Refer to Attached Screenshot.
ResolutionApply the vRNI 5.2.0-P1 path bundle to fix the issue in UI.
Issue 4Flows topology not seen on PCI compliance page
Versions Impacted   vRNI 5.2  
How to identify the issue User is unable to see the flow diagram on PCI compliance dashboard.                                                            It shows Error Message.Error:[object object] and No Data to Show.                                                                 Refer to Screenshot attached. 
ResolutionApply the vRNI 5.2.0-P1 patch bundle to fix the issue in UI.
Issue 5Editing Static Threshold configurations, where participating scope entities are deleted and aggregated over entire scope, results in error. Because of this the threshold alerts will not get generated.
Versions Impacted   vRNI 5.2  
How to identify the issue If a user tries to edit an existing threshold configuration and gets this message."Too few VM/IP's in scope. Found: 0. Min required:1"  Refer to attached screenshot.
ResolutionApply vRNI 5.2.0-P1 patch bundle  to fix the issue in UI.


VMware vRealize Network Insight 5.x


Patch Download Details:
Patch Download/ Build Number     Download the Patch here Build number: 1587685176
File Name     VMware-vRealize-Network-Insight.5.2.0.P1-1587685176.patch.bundle
Size      558 MB
MD5SUM    4c64181d5ad087f95aaeb0c3eeb6a0fd
SHA1SUM    0084cb64519d538b9c0c1e6f7e23b2f3f07ef4df
SHA256SUM    cd35544c491e2a82cbedd1d5ac1661f05bb051d0fc106f01daa1955281b194ef

Procedure to apply vRealize Network Insight 5.2.0 P1 patch bundle:
  1. Download the 5.2.0-p1 update patch file from here . Save the file on you local system.
  2. Log into the vRealize Network Insight 5.2 UI as an Administrator user.
Note: The default admin@local account can be used.
  1. Navigate to Settings Install and Support > Overview and Updates, then under Product, select Click here.
  2. Click Browse to select the  locally downloaded patch file ( VMware-vRealize-Network-Insight.5.2.0.P1.patch.bundle) and click Upload.
  • When the upload is complete, vRealize Network Insight show the Bundle Upload Complete message notification within 2-3 minutes and the bundle processing happens in the background.
  • Until the upload of the package happens, ensure that the session is not closed. If the session ends, you have to restart the upload process.
  • Do not refresh the page after bundle upload, until you see the Update Available message notification.
  1. In the Bundle Available message notification, click View details.
vRealize Network Insight Update screen appears.
  1. Read the Before you proceed instruction and click Continue.
  2. Wait for the pre-checks to complete, which verifies:
  • the disk space, including the space required for migration
  • the version
  • the NTP sync status
  • the bundle checksum
  1. Click Install Now.
You can see the approximate time required to complete the update process on your setup.
  1. Once the update process begins, the vRealize Network Insight Update screen provides the status of the update process.
  • If a node becomes inactive, the update process does not continue. The update will not resume until the node becomes active again.
  • Once the platforms are updated, you can resume your normal vRealize Network Insight operations even though the collector update happens in parallel. Until the update process is completely over, the Node Version Mismatch detected message is shown in the Install and Support page.
  1. Upon the completion of update process, you see the confirmation message.
          All platforms and the collectors nodes are updated.

Additional Information

VMware vRealize Network Insight 5.2 Release Notes:

VMware KB link for LCM:


VM-Path through SD-Wan edge to Internet does not render get_app
Flows topology not seen on PCI Compliance page get_app
NSX-T topology widget is not showing correctly get_app
NSX-T Manager Dashboard Bytes of section from Summary tab is getting cut with FireFox Browser get_app
Editing Static Threshold configurations results in error get_app