VMware Aria Operations 8.16
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VMware Aria Operations 8.16


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VMware Aria Suite


This article covers the fixes made in VMware Aria Operations 8.16 from previous versions.

The following issues have been resolved as of Aria Operations 8.16:
  • Failed to load list view with instance metric and summary configuration
  • Dashboard is not exported as a PDF in the case of large data points 
  • [vRA Cloud Account] "Add Account" link is frozen in Integrations page, when there is already created vRA Cloud Account in vROps
  • [App Monitoring][BulkPlugin] Bulk plugin activation simultaneously on multiple VM and Endpoint type of objects fails via rest-api call
  • [App Monitoring] Failed to edit non-unique identifier for telegraf services
  • [App Monitoring] Availability metric is missing for opensource telegraf custom monitoring TCP check
  • [App Monitoring] Product-managed telegraf agent installation should be successful when 443, 4505 and 4506 ports of CP are reachable from VM/Endpoint via IP or FQDN.
  • [vRops remote client] [IPv6] VC remote plugin installation failed on VC (8.0.1, main) with only IPv6 (prefer enabled)
  • OOM on applicationParserTasks part of AppOSAdapter
  • [App Monitoring][UI] Filter by "Agent Status" doesn't work as expected on "Manage Telegraf Agents" page when the value is "Agent Stopped" or "Agent Running"
  • [App Monitoring][Consoolidation] Add filter by collector group on "Manage Telgraf Agents" page
  • AppOSAdapter going down due to concurrent modification exceptions
  • Cost Driver Summary total shows double the original value
  • Same statement component cost within the same month is not adding up.
  • Cost calculation failing with ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "datacenterentitiescostmetrics_pkey"
  • Cost Calculation failure for few DC's
  • Unable to create server batches for server hardware traditional and hyperconverged
  • [GCVE MP]: Duplicated cost metrics
  • Handle Postgres connection leak in vRBC
  • Custom group details display takes 35sec
  • [alert] Absence of assess near-time data during the creation in UI 
  • ops-cli command fails in FIPS mode 
  • [Notification] Notifications list will come empty if any of the notification contain not valid/missing value
  • [Notification] Incorrect Notification Trigger
  • Outbound Plugin: Swagger API: Inconsistent Deletion Behavior for Outbound Plugin in Swagger API
  • Outbound Settings: Email Plugin: Rebranding: Incorrect Notification Sender Name in Email Plugin when "Sender Name" Field is Left Blank
  • After importing the JSON file as payload template, the Aria Operations UI changes the appearance
  • Get API for api/auth/sources is failing with 500 error with Authorization
  • MeteringPolicy validation for ItemNames
  • Incorrect validation of billing period end date in Automation Central - REST and UI
  • Some minor issues in the custom groups details view
  • Internal Server Error occurred in the symptom definition page 
  • Add privilege group to troubleshoot/alerts tab
  • The metric tooltip remains under the metric picker menu
  • Filtering is not working properly in "Assigned Objects" section in policy assignment page
  • [Alert Definition] Alignment issue in the Policy Tab in the Alert Definition creation flow
  • [Firefox] Toggle border of the enable/disable automated recommended action is cut off
  • [Custom Groups] Unsaved changes will be lost pop-up after edit/clone operation without any changes
  • Create a new custom Compliance completed with a crash in the web.log
  • Alert link navigation is broken
  • Alerts: Inconsistency in product and alerts details window
  • [What-if/Commit] Internal server error occurs when trying to commit a scenario using a non-existent VM template
  • [Dashboards: Alert List] Not all alerts' list are loaded in the "Alert List" widget after resizing the widget
  • [Firefox] Alignment issue in the alert details page in the "Alert Details" tab
  • [Dashboards] The "Load More" button disappears from the "Alert List" widget.
  • AdminUI styling issues after CSS upgrade
  • Orphaned Content: Orphaned content is not loaded until the user selects any subsection
  • Clarity issue when resizing Policy edit page
  • [CP] - After cluster reboot CP failed to reconnect to cluster
  • Edit Account->Message for the Credentials Ownership
  • Credentials warning message appears in wrong case
  • Import/Export functionality should not be available for the adapters which are automatically created per collector
  • Incorrect disabled toolbar items in code editor
  • Highlight initial resource in in Object Browser resource selector
  • Test Notification: Validate Criteria step fails when testing notification for Symptom-Based alerts when specific criticality is defined
  • [Launchpad][Kubernetes] "Kubernetes Overview" and "Kubernetes POD and Container Availability " dashboards are missing
  • A blank page is being added at the end of the generated report in the described case
  • The report that contains the dashboard is not being rendered fully in the described case
  • The distribution view is being rendered on two pages in the described case
  • Create a mechanism in vROps to upload files by chunks.
  • Metric Chart widget causing UI freeze in Aria Operations 8.12.1 with more than 100 metrics
  • Time Preference option in Admin UI should be added
  • Performance optimization in inventory page
  • DELETE /api​/collectorgroups​/{id} doesn't work as expected
  • Automation Central: Searching is not working from the second page in "Preview Automation Group"  window
  • Login Message: Login Message in Light Mode Appears Unreadably in Black Color
  • Object Browser page -> Events(Timeline) page is loading too long
  • [App Monitoring]:Ping -custom monitoring plugin activation : exit status 0xc0000142
  • [App Monitoring] :The Telegraf config file corrupts during multiple activation of application plugins.
  • [VCF][nsx-t mp]: Number of logging servers metric's  type need to be integer for syslog object
  • Escaping illegal characters in a notification payload template
  • [Rebranding]: 'Startup' icon on installation page should be updated
  • Azure VMware Solution : Issue regarding logo
  • The "New" label is shown incorrectly in some languages
  • Button disabled style correction
  • Images and Gant chart background colors are inconsistent in Optimize Section pages
  • [MP's]: remove "Reset Default Content, overwriting to a newer version ..." checkbox from "Add Management pack" dialog
  • User TimeZone some cleanup needed
  • [Cloud] Provide OpenID token to CSP Header
  • Deprecated icon doesn't appear for the widget in some cases
  • The mouse cursor remains outside the widget box when dragging.
  • Details metric chart doesn't appear in summary page on clicking to Utilization metrics
  • Failed to view Dell Servers from Environment Object browser in management pack (4000 servers)
  • [App Monitoring][BulkPugin] The "targetIds" are empty in case of successful save application service configuration on multiple resources
  • Multiple Unauthorized /admin/services endpoints
  • [Compliance] Compliance Alerts List grid is empty.
  • Missing apache configuration for vrops-unicorn in CP
  • In "VMware vRealize Orchestrator" the localization key is missing
  • Multiple adapter instances for one object break the email subject formatting.

The following CVEs have been resolved as of vRealize Operations 8.16:

Component NameCVE




VMware Aria Operations 8.16 can be applied to any 8.10.x - 8.14.x environment.

It is recommended to take snapshots following How to take a Snapshot of VMware Aria Operations before upgrading.
  1. Download the VMware Aria Operations 8.16 upgrade PAK file from Customer Connect .
  2. Log in to the primary node Aria Operations Administrator interface of your cluster at https://primary-node-FQDN-or-IP-address/admin.
  3. Click Software Update in the left panel.
  4. Click Install a Software Update in the main panel.
  5. Follow the steps in the wizard to locate and install your PAK file.
  6. Install the product update PAK file.
    Wait for the software update to complete. When it does, the Administrator interface logs you out.
  7. Log back into the master node Administrator interface.
    The main Cluster Status page appears and cluster goes online automatically. The status page also displays the Bring Online button, but do not click it.
  1. Clear the browser caches and if the browser page does not refresh automatically, refresh the page.
    The cluster status changes to Going Online. When the cluster status changes to Online, the upgrade is complete.
Note: If a cluster fails and the status changes to offline during the installation process of a PAK file update then some nodes become unavailable. To fix this, you can access the Administrator interface and manually take the cluster offline and click Finish Installation to continue the installation process.
  1. Click Software Update to check that the update is done.
    A message indicating that the update completed successfully appears in the main pane.