Can you control the number of CA Business Intelligence (CABI) scheduled reports instance that are retained?


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Can you control the number of CA Business Intelligence (CABI) scheduled reports instance that are retained?


A scheduled report instance management plan enables you to:


 -  Identify scheduled reports and their frequency of schedule
 -  Control retention period till which report instances need to be maintained
 -  Verify size of each report instance and the amount of disk space required
 -  Perform scheduled report instance cleanup

Key Benefits 

- Reduced File Repository Store backup size.
- Users need not search trough a huge list of instances.
- By controlling the number of instances, minimize the amount of space required on CABI server

Can manage instances by setting instance limits at below levels


  • Global limits (If it is required to set the limit throughout all the public folders and sub folders, set limits at global level)
  • Folder limits (Will help set the limits for all the objects contained within a folder)
  • Object limits (Applying limits to specific object - this will override the limit set at folder level)

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 To set CABI Scheduled Report Instance Limits:

1.  Login to the CABI Central Management Console (CMC) as Administrator

2.  Navigate to FOLDERS

3.  Right-click on the appropriate report object/folder and select LIMITS

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 4.  Enter the desired report instance criteria

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  • Number of Instances - enable to delete excess instances when there are more than N instances of the object
  • User/User group - help set the limits per user/user group on a particular object.
  • Number of Days- enable to delete excess instances when the age of the instance exceeds N days.


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