Hosts disconnected from VC without prior removal of Edge VMs
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Hosts disconnected from VC without prior removal of Edge VMs


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VMware NSX Networking


  • As the host is removed from VC with the NSX-V Edge VM deployed in it , all the DVS port ID's, VM ID's and properties for the edge VM will be removed from VC.
  • Subsequently, adding the host again with NSX-V edge in it will result in new DVS port IDs and new VM IDs will be populated for the Edge-VM which is not known to the NSX Manager.
  • NSX will continue to point to the Old Edge VM and its port IDs.
  • Due to this, Edge VM's will be shown as disconnected at VC/NSX.

  • NSV-V Edge VM's show disconnected after the host on which Edge resides is removed from VC and added back.


VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere 6.4.x


  1. Ensure the Edge VM's are moved to a different host before removing the Host from the VC. ​​​​​
  2. When this is not possible, remove the host gracefully from VC, i.e remove the host from the DVS and then remove the host from VC.
  3. Identify the edge which is showing disconnected at VC.
  4. Revalidate if this Edge VM resides on the host which is not responding/disconnected from VC.
  5. Change the host parameter of the problematic edge at NSX Edges UI to a working host and deploy.
  6. This will trigger a new Edge installation with the available config at a new working host.
  7. After problematic host recovery, delete the old Edge-VM before connecting the host to VC.