NSX Failure Domain Down alarm triggered
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NSX Failure Domain Down alarm triggered


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VMware NSX Networking


  • NSX 4.1.x
  • UI displays Edge alarm Failure Domain Down, "All members of failure domain <uuid> are down
  • The environment is otherwise functioning as normal
  • The Edge for which the alarm has triggered has a logĀ error similar to this example
2023-06-05T10:08:53.294Z Edge01 NSX 1333481 - [nsx@6876 comp="nsx-edge" subcomp="python" username="root" level="ERROR" errorCode="('CLI110',)"] Failed to get Manager connection status: sudo: Account or password is expired, reset your password and try again#012sudo: a terminal is required to read the password; either use the -S option to read from standard input or configure an askpass helper#012sudo: unable to change expired password: Authentication token manipulation error

2023-06-05T20:17:37.824Z nsx_monitoring.clientlibrary.event_source CRITICAL All members of failure domain <uuid> are down.


VMware NSX-T Data Center
VMware NSX-T Data Center 4.x


This is a known issue impacting NSX, currently there is no resolution.

Change the root password on the Edge against which the alarm was against.

As admin user on the Edge

edge01> set user root password <new password> old-password <current password>