High CPU reported on Edge VM when running NSX 3.2.x
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High CPU reported on Edge VM when running NSX 3.2.x


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VMware NSX Networking


  • NSX 3.2.x
  • Edge VM CPU usage is high
  • Edge VM Hardware in vSphere has been manually upgraded to Hardware version higher than version 13


VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.x
VMware NSX-T Data Center


By design Edge VMs run in interrupt CPU mode and Bare Metal Edges run in polling mode.
If the Hardware version of an of a 3.2.x Edge is upgraded to a version higher than 13, priority control is enabled.
When priority control is enabled, it causes the Edge VM to run in polling mode which results in higher CPU consumption.


This is a known issue impacting NSX-T 3.2.x and does not impact NSX 4.x which supports higher hardware versions for Edge VM.

To workaround this issue, the Edge dataplane configuration can be changed to enable interrupt mode.

ssh to the Edge as admin user, to confirm the problem condition is present

> get dataplane | find Ctrl_prio_on
Ctrl_prio_on       : True

> get dataplane | find Intr_mode_on
Intr_mode_on       : False

Correct the dataplane configuration to change to interrupt CPU mode.

> set dataplane interrupt-mode enabled
> set dataplane ctrl-prio disabled
> restart service dataplane