Proactive Customer Advisory: Withdrawal of NSX-T Data Center
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Proactive Customer Advisory: Withdrawal of NSX-T Data Center


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VMware NSX Networking


Please be advised that the VMware NSX Team has identified a critical issue with NSX-T Data Center affecting Edge datapath and has decided to withdraw the release from the download pages in favor of NSX-T Data Center


VMware NSX-T Data Center


Please refer to VMware KB article 87627 for details:
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General Questions

Q. I am running NSX-T or prior. Am I exposed to the issue mentioned in KB
A. Versions prior to NSX-T are not exposed to this issue. Also, NSX-T 3.2.x is not impacted.

Q. I have downloaded NSX-T, but I have not yet installed it. What is VMware’s recommendation?
A. Do not use NSX-T, VMware instead recommends to download and upgrade to NSX-T

Q. I have installed NSX-T and I don't use an NSX-T Load Balancer in my environment. Am I ok to continue using NSX-T
A. NSX-T environments which do not use a Load Balancer will not be impacted however VMware still recommends upgrading to NSX-T Please review NSX-T Release Notes to make an informed decision.

Q. Will I continue to be supported until I have an opportunity to upgrade?
A. Yes, VMware will continue to offer support as normal for NSX-T Please note that an Edge reboot is the only known workaround for the issue impacting,

Q. I am running NSX-T and planning an upgrade to NSX-T, does this involve a full upgrade of all NSX-T components?
A. Upgrade from NSX-T to NSX-T is a full upgrade involving all components i.e. Edge, Host and Manager. The upgrade follows the standard procedure.

Q. I am running NSX-T and need a software component e.g. BM Edge iso, Manager ova, what should I do?
A. NSX-T has been permanently removed from the VMware download page. VMware may still make the software available to an individual customer if there is a critical requirement e.g. restore from backup. Please open a Support Request with the NSX GS support team.

Q. I am running a VCF environment, what is VMware's recommendation?
A. VCF is not impacted as no VCF release included NSX-T as part of its BOM. If you have upgraded to NSX-T out of band, then please open a Support Request with the VCF GS support team.

Additional Information

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