How does CA Output Management Artificial Page Mode Work?
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How does CA Output Management Artificial Page Mode Work?


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Output Management Web Viewer



Artificial Page mode is for reports that don't have any (or very few) page breaks.

Artificial Page Mode breaks text reports in smaller, evenly sized pages. Report viewing is faster because less information is displayed on the screen at any one time.

      For example:
  Suppose a report has 100,000 lines, all on one page.
  The report could then be viewed as 1,000 pages with 100 lines on each page.
  The actual report itself is not modified.

The administrator must select Artificial Page Mode in order for users to be able to use it.

Once the administrator turns on Artificial Page Mode, Web Viewer automatically uses Artificial Page Mode when a report has more than 300 lines per page.  A report may have multiple large pages. 

Artificial Page mode may only be used for native view text reports.  Logical views are not supported.




Release: CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
Component: WBVLUW



  Administration Settings

  1. Go to Administration -> Preferences -> Display Preferences -> Browse

  2. Set Number of pages per request - Set number of pages to be displayed at one time.

  3. Leave Maximum lines per page set as previously for instances where artificial page mode is not enabled.

  4. Turn on Artificial Page Size Mode. Set to Yes to have reports that average more than 300 lines to be split into artificial pages and specify the line length for each artificial page. Note that a single record in CA View can equate to 0 – 3 lines of output in Web Viewer.

  5. Click Update.

Artificial Page Mode Turns on automatically when you have a Large Single Page Report. Report Browsing in Artificial Page Mode appears similar to Standard Mode and an Information Icon (shown below)


    lets you know you are in Artificial Page Mode. Page Navigation uses Artificial Pages for both the Go To Dialog and the Page Navigation Bar. 'Find' can now access anywhere in the original report.

 Using Artificial Page Support to Save, Print or Email

  Save, Email, and Print work as before except they will not truncate report data. The entire report will be saved, emailed or printed, except if you specify Page

  Selections these will be based on Artificial Pages.

  Using Artificial Page Support to Export

Export works as before except export will not truncate report data.

Pages Selection will based off Physical Pages (Printer or SAR Pages)

For example:

If you export pages 1 – 2, Web Viewer will just export physical pages 1 – 2, even when in artificial page mode

The currently Selected Pages option is not available in artificial page mode

Both the Lines from the bottom of each page and Lines from the top of each page options are based on physical pages

Additional Information

Recommendation: Apply the latest cumulative build -  Please see CA Web Viewer 12.1 download latest build (maintenance)