Pre-requisite before enabling VxRail async patch to VMware Cloud Foundation environments using Async Patch Tool (AP Tool)
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Pre-requisite before enabling VxRail async patch to VMware Cloud Foundation environments using Async Patch Tool (AP Tool)


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VMware Cloud Foundation


This knowledge base (KB) includes the metadata file for the partner bundle specific to the VxRail async patch. Users are required to copy the necessary VxRail partner bundle metadata file to the outdirectory of the Async patch tool, where the async patch bundle is downloaded. This step is mandatory before enabling the VxRail patch operation.


VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5.2
Vmware Cloud Foundation 4.5
VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4.x
VMware Cloud Foundation 4.3.x
VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2.1


If you have been following the async patch admin guide for applying the Async patch to VMware Cloud Foundation, please note that in the "Online Mode" section, this step should be carried out as step 4, while in the "Offline Mode" section, it should be performed as step 5.

Follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Download the patch-specific partner bundle metadata file as per the below table (VxRail patch-specific Partner Bundle Metadata).
  2. Copy the downloaded patch-specific partner bundle metadata file to the AP tool output directory where patch bundles will be downloaded. If you have not specified the --ouputDirectory, the default output directory will be {user.home}/apToolBundles (refer the Async Patch Admin Guide).
  3. Follow the instructions outlined in the Async Patch Admin Guide for the rest of the procedure for applying the patch.

VxRail patch specific Partner Bundle Metadata

Product Version VxRail partner bundle metadata file
VxRail 7.0.410-27831807 partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_410_27831807.json
VxRail 7.0.411-27954264 partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_411_27954264.json
VxRail 7.0.451-28053212 partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_451_28053212.json
VxRail 7.0.481-28302560 partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_481_28302560.json
VxRail 7.0.482-28355940 partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_482_28355940.json
VxRail 7.0.483-28492387 partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_483_28492387.json
VxRail 8.0.110-28169413 partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_110_28169413.json
VxRail 8.0.111-28310882 partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_111_28310882.json
VxRail 8.0.201-28354422 partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_201_28354422.json
VxRail 8.0.211-28535497 partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_211_28535497.json

Note: You can find these json files in the attachment section of this KB. 


partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_211_28535497.json get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_451_28053212 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_201_28354422 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_483_28492387 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_411_27954264 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_111_28310882 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_481_28302560 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_482_28355940 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_7_0_410_27831807 get_app
partnerBundleMetadata_8_0_110_28169413 get_app