Attempting certain vRealize operations in SDDC Manager fails with "MISSING_AD_CREDENTIALS_IN_CSS"
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Attempting certain vRealize operations in SDDC Manager fails with "MISSING_AD_CREDENTIALS_IN_CSS"


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VMware Cloud Foundation


The script provided in this article will make required changes to the VMware Cloud Foundation Database. After the script execution the IaaS VM credentials will be stored in the DB and user will not be prompted for credentials during Workload Domain association.

After upgrade from vCF v3.7.x to vCF 3.8, the following operations will fail with an error message similar to:
""errorCode":"MISSING_AD_CREDENTIALS_IN_CSS","arguments":[],"message":"No AD credentials found in inventory, please refer to KB 70416"

Operations effected:
  • vRSLCM Upgrade.
  • vRSLCM Redeploy.
  • vRealize Automation Upgrade.
  • Association of vRealize Automation with Workload Domain.


VMware Cloud Foundation 3.7.x


  1. Download the attached script
  2. Use a file transfer utility to copy the script to the /tmp/ directory on SDDC Manager virtual appliance.
  3. Log in through SSH to the SDDC Manager and execute the script with the following commands:
cd /tmp
  1. Provide the domain name, username and password information when prompted by the script.

    Note: The domain name should be the NETBIOS for the user account being entered. 


import_vra_ad_credentials get_app