NSX Network Detection and Response - How to reset the forgotten console user "lastline" password?
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NSX Network Detection and Response - How to reset the forgotten console user "lastline" password?


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The console user "lastline" is with the password "lastline" by default. It can be changed by running "passwd lastline" command. 


In case the new password is forgotten, customer can log in the system using "monitoring" account (need to be enabled previously), followed by running "sudo passwd lastline" command to reset a new password.

If customer has previously imported SSH public key, customer can also log in the system from SSH with key authentication and reset the password.

If none of the above options are available, customer will need to reboot the system and boot into recovery mode kernel and reset the password.

1. Reboot the system.

2. Before booting into the system, there is a 5 seconds count down (starting from 5) showing on the screen. Press "Esc" button to interrupt the boot process.

3. Once the boot process is interrupted, There should be two boot options available. Use the keyboard to select *Advanced options for Ubuntu:


4. Select the second kernel with the word "recovery mode" in the end (the version number might be different from the example screenshot, depending on the installed one). Hit "Enter" to boot:


5. Now the system is booted and the "root" account should be available:


6. Use the command "passwd lastline" to reset a new password:



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Additional Information

Note: This article is applicable to the standalone NSX Network Detection and Response product (formerly Lastline) and is not intended to be applied to the NSX NDR feature of NSX-T.