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I am rolling out CA Common Services r14.1 on a RACF system. The upgrade is from v12.0 to r14.1. 

I currently have the existing CAS9MOD USERMOD that was used to create the CAS9SAFC load module. The instructions in the Installation guide are confusing to me. The system does not have CICS so I believe those steps can be skipped. Looking back at the USERMOD from v12.0, I think the gist of what I have are these changes to the default load module in the USERMOD;


DC C'L7CMDS ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'

DC C'L7JOBN ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'

DC C'JOBNAME ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'80',X'00',X'00'

DC C'PANEL ',C'[email protected] ',X'00',X'00',X'00',X'00'


I do not know what to do with the #SAFC statement to set CICS=NO and ROSCOE=NO, and based on the current documentation I believe I need to create a new member in CAW0OPTN that is pointed to in the CAS9 proc via DDNAME CAIRACF that contains at least the following statements;






Can you provide me with instruction as to what to do with the #SAFC statement?

Can you confirm if the RACFCLAS statements I created will recreate our current environment?



There is no additional action related to what was previously specified for the #SAFC statement to set CICS=NO and ROSCOE=NO. That statement was only to allow for the USERMOD to be assembled with the related CICS and/pr ROSCOE macros. Since you are no longer assembling the USERMOD this is no longer applicable.

You are correct in your actions...create a new member in CAW0OPTN that is pointed to in the CAS9 proc via DDNAME CAIRACF. Based on your current USERMOD, it is confirmed that the RACFCLAS statements you defined are correct.


Release: CA90SV00200-14.1-Common Services-for z/OS