How has CA InterTest for CICS Release 9.1 streamlined the monitoring of Composite Programs? ?
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How has CA InterTest for CICS Release 9.1 streamlined the monitoring of Composite Programs? ?


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What changes were made to Release 9.1 of CA InterTest for CICS to make it simpler to monitor a Composite Program? 
A composite module is a load module that consists of separately compiled or assembled modules link-edited together into a single PPT entry. Composite monitoring under CA InterTest for CICS allows you to monitor each of them as if they were a separate program. 
Traditionally, in order to enable composite monitoring, you were required to execute the post link-edit program, IN25LINK to add the sub program information for the composite module to the InterTest PROTSYM file.  IN25LINK read the link-edit map and appended the link name, offset, and length of the sub programs to the source entry for the main program.  

The following changes were made to Release 9.1 of CA InterTest for CICS to simplify Composite monitoring:

  • It has removed the requirement that the name of the main module (typically the PPT name) match the name of one of the sub programs included in the load module.  This is true for both the traditional CICS "green screen" and the Eclipse UI when monitoring a composite program.
  • The list of sub program names is automatically extracted from the PROTSYM entry or from the composite module itself.  This eliminates the need to manually enter the names on the Composite Support Builder display.   
  • The Composite Support Builder display and the Eclipse UI Composite Setup window simplify navigation through the list of sub programs. You can now search, filter, sort, and select your sub programs for testing in bulk.  
  • The Source Listing display now includes an "info area" consisting of the Program, Register, Keep, and Titles windows.  The Program window enables you to specify the name of a composite module and set breakpoints in any of the sub programs that make up the load module.   

Additional Information:

Refer to Chapter 7 of the CA InterTest for CICS Release 9.1 User Guide for more detailed information pertaining to composite monitoring.                 


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