Synchronization failure between CAPC and the Data Aggregator data source
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Synchronization failure between CAPC and the Data Aggregator data source


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The DA is experiencing a data sync failure with CAPC. Recycling services does not fix the problem. The following error can be seen in the DMService.log file:

ERROR | pool-3-thread-4 | 2015-10-01 14:22:03,759 | | An error occurred during a sync request with data source Data Aggregator@name: additional info: enum.datasourceerror.DS_PRODUCT_ID_CHANGED. 


CAPM 2.3.0
CAPM 2.3.1
CAPM 2.4


This is a known issue in 2.3.0/2.3.1 where GUID for Data Sources may shift and cause out of syc status.


The bug was resolved with the release of version 2.4.1 (May kit).

As a workaround to fix the problem in 2.3.0 or 2.3.1, please follow the steps below.

  1.  Open a browser and go to https://<DA>:8581/rest/dataaggregator

  2. Note the value between the NpcConnectionUID tabs

  3. Log into the CAPC server

  4. Use mysql to check values in the netqosportal database

    mysql netqosportal
    mysql>select * from data_sources2\G;

    Look for the Data Aggregator entry and note the SourceGUID value; it will not match the NpcConnectionUID from step 2.

  5. Run the following command:

    mysql>update data_sources2 set SourceGUID='Value_from_step_2' where SourceType=262144;

  6.  In the CAPC web UI, perform a Full Resync on the Data Aggregator data source. In a few minutes synchronization should work as normal.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.8-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator