[HCX] IX appliance tunnel DOWN with error "Service Pipeline is Down"
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[HCX] IX appliance tunnel DOWN with error "Service Pipeline is Down"


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VMware HCX VMware Cloud on AWS VMware Cloud on Dell EMC


Identify a known issue and recommended workaround.

HCX IX appliance transport tunnel will remain up, but the appliance will show "Service Pipeline is Down".

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The condition where the transport tunnel remains UP while the Service Pipeline is DOWN, is an indication of communication problems between the Interconnect (IX) and the WAN Optimization (WO) appliances in the Service Mesh.


Remove WO appliance from Service Mesh to restore migration services. Removing WAN Optimization from the Service Mesh will NOT impact the IX or any NE appliances.

Steps to Remove WO:
- Navigate to the Service Mesh that is going to be edited
- Select the "Edit" option on the Service Mesh
- On the "Select Services to be enabled" tab, unselect WAN Optimization
- Continue to the end of the Service Mesh edit wizard, and select SAVE
- Allow the Service Mesh to resync


Additional Information

Active migrations and newly created migrations will be impacted while the Service Pipeline is down. VR Bulk and RAV migrations waiting for cutover should not be affected if the workaround is applied promptly to limit the impact to periodic delta sync replications.

There is no impact to Network Extension Appliances.