[VCDR] Change VCDR DR Proxy Subnet
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[VCDR] Change VCDR DR Proxy Subnet


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VMware Live Recovery VMware Cloud on AWS


Provide the process to change the DR Proxy Subnet after deploying the SDDC. if required.

When creating a Recovery SDDC in VCDR, there is an option to specify a Proxy Subnet. If this step is skipped or a specific subnet is not provided, it will create a new /26 subnet for VMware Cloud DR by default.


When deploying the Recovery SDDC, you can enter a custom DR Proxy Subnet, or else a default subnet will be created. This subnet will be connected to the compute gateway and will be used by the recovery SDDC to deploy the VCDR proxy servers.

If the proxy subnet that is created is not specific to what the user is wanting, there is no option to change this in the VCDR UI.


If the Proxy Subnet is needing to be changed to a specific CIDR, please create a Support Request with VMware support with the following information:
  • ORG ID
  • Recovery SDDC ID
  • Current sddc-cloud-dr-proxy-network CIDR
  • Intended sddc-cloud-dr-proxy-network CIDR
Before creating the SR, please change the sddc-cloud-dr-proxy-network to the intended CIDR on the VMC on AWS side for the segment created. Once this is completed, the VMware TSE will file an internal ticket to have the CIDR changed on the IRR DB side in VCDR.

Note: There is no impact to changing the Proxy Subnet, if Ransomware is not deployed.

Ensure the intended subnet for the Proxy subnet is specified when deploying the Recovery SDDC.

Additional Information

Deploy Recovery SDDC

Users will not be able to change the VCDR Cloud DR Proxy segment on the VCDR side after deploying the Recovery SDDC.