[VCDR] Failover and Failback Failing for a Specific VM
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[VCDR] Failover and Failback Failing for a Specific VM


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VMware Live Recovery


Provide a know limitation for multiple failover/failbacks on the same VM(s).

When attempting to failover/failback a VM, it may fail at Step 5 (failback) or Step 2&4 (failover). It may be confirmed the same VM(s) were able to failover/failback previously and no changes have been made in the environment.


A failover/failback may fail if the same VM has been failed over/back more than 8 times. This limitation is due to a clone depth limit, and it cannot be reduced/increased in the current version.


There is no permanent resolution in the current VCDR versions. The teams are working to enhance this issue in a future VCDR release.

To workaround the issue in the current version, please clone the VM and perform the failover/failback on the cloned VM.

Additional Information

A VM failover/failback will continue to fail if it has been executed more than 8 times for the same VM(s).