[VCDR] Traffic between VCDR Appliance and vCenter
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[VCDR] Traffic between VCDR Appliance and vCenter


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VMware Live Recovery


Provide expected behavior of consistent traffic between the VCDR Appliance(s) and vCenter.

While monitoring internal logs, it may show communication between VCDR appliance and vCenter is producing regular traffic of 20 MB per minute. This may raise concerns whether this is expected behavior or if this traffic can be reduced.


This is caused by a combination of getTagAssociation and non-tag vCenter inventory full collection that happens every minute. Hence, 20 Mb per minute traffic between vCenter and Connector(s) is expected.


As this is expected behavior in the current VCDR version (v26 and earlier) there is no resolution. There are plans to to allow configuration options to adjust the frequency, but this will be an enhancement in a future VCDR release.

Additional Information

There should be no impact as this is expected behavior.