[VCDR] Stale VCDR Snapshots
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[VCDR] Stale VCDR Snapshots


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VMware Live Recovery


Provide the resolution to remove the stale snapshot from the Protection Group.

When previewing a Protection Group, it may show an instance of a previous VM snapshots, even though the VM has been removed from backups and from the Protection Group.


This is due to the VM(s) running through a previous failover test. VCDR stages snapshots into the cache in an effort to speed up the process for future failovers.


If stale snapshots are seen within Protection Groups, please file a Support Request with VMware Global Support with the ask to remove them. When filing the SR, please provide the following information:

- Org ID
- Impacted Protection Group(s)
- List of stale VMs

Note: If some VMs have manual/vCenter level snapshots, please confirm they can be removed from the Protection Group when filing the SR.

Additional Information

There should be no impact. These stale snapshots can be removed from within the Protection Group by engaging VMware Global Support.