[HCX] Migrating HCX appliances to a different cluster
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[HCX] Migrating HCX appliances to a different cluster


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VMware HCX


Provided the process to migrate HCX appliances from one cluster to another.

There may come a time where a user is wanting to have the current HCX environment stood up in a different cluster, but are not wanting to create a completely new Compute Profile and Service Mesh. Hence, the need for the HCX appliances to be migrated to a different cluster.


Note: Please know it is recommended to deploy a new Compute Profile and Service Mesh for the new cluster, rather than vMotioning the HCX appliances to a different cluster.

Ensure all steps are completed to ensure all HCX Appliances come up on the new cluster:
  1. Ensure the desired cluster meets all HCX requirements for the required ports for the HCX appliances and migration types - https://ports.esp.vmware.com/home/VMware-HCX
  2. Edit the current Compute Profile and change the "Deployment Cluster" to the desired cluster. 
  3. Ensure the desired cluster is attached to the same dvswitches/transport zones as the previous cluster. The current port-groups in the Network Profile must be in-use by the hosts in the desired cluster. 
  4. Resync the Service Mesh in the HCX UI - The resync will display a message indicating that the appliances will be redeployed. 
Note: Please know this process will require a redeploy of the HCX Appliances, which will cause downtime. It is recommended to take a maintenance window during this process, in case any issues may arise.

Create a new Compute Profile with the desired Deployment Cluster and create a Service Mesh.

Additional Information

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Not following correct procedures could result in all HCX appliances going into a down state. Depending on if there are Network Extension appliances with extended networks, those VMs could lose connectivity.