LSI SMI-S CIM Provider Overview for ESXi 6.x
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LSI SMI-S CIM Provider Overview for ESXi 6.x


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VMware vSphere ESXi


This article provides information about the LSI CIM provider.

  • Additional CIM providers may be available from your server’s custom image package. For more information, contact your server vendor.
  • The partner product referenced in this article is a software module that is developed and supported by a partner. Use of this product is also governed by the end user license agreement of the partner. You must obtain the application, support, and licensing for using this product from the partner.


VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0
VMware vSphere ESXi 6.7
VMware vSphere ESXi 5.1
VMware vSphere ESXi 5.0
VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5


LSI SMI-S Provider

Supported hardware and/or software

The LSI provider supports LSI MegaRAID, LSI SAS IR, LSI SAS IR2 and MegaSR controllers.

IPMI extensions (if any)


Implementation schema details

The LSI provider follows SMI-S schema v. 2.13 extended with a few proprietary classes.

CIM client plug-in support


    Additional Information

    For more information about the LSI CIM provider, see:
    To download the plugin:
    1. Navigate to the Broadcom (LSI) Documents & Downloads site.
    2. Select RAID controllers for Product Family.
    3. Select All for Product.
    4. Select Management Software and Tools for Asset Type.
    5. Click Search.
    6. Click + for Management Software and Tools.
    7. Click the column title OS to sort the list by Operating System and collect all VMware entries together.
    8. Find VMWare SMIS Provider VIB - MR 5.6 in the VMware list entries.
    9. Click + next to VMWare SMIS Provider VIB - MR 5.6.
    10. Click the Download Icon (arrow) in column 5 to download the file.
    11. Unpack the zip archive. For an ESXi host you will find a file named or something similar. That name, and the path to it within the .zip file, may vary greatly depending  on what version of the CIM provider bundle you have downloaded.
    12. Copy the file found in step 11 to the host using any convenient binary transfer utility.
    13. Connect to the host using SSH or open a shell on the host console and change to the folder containing
    14. Run this command to load the VIB, using the current name of the .zip file that you uploaded.

      esxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/Datastore/DirectoryName/
    15. Reboot the ESXi host.

    Note: For an ESX4 host you can find and use a file named in steps 11-15.

    Note: For more information on installing software using the esxcli software vib install command, see Installing patches on an ESXi 5.x/6.x host from the command line (2008939)

    If you encounter issues with the downloaded files, please contact the LSI hardware vendor as the installer files are purely the creation and responsibility of the hardware vendor and not VMware.

    If you encounter issues with the software not working, please contact the LSI hardware vendor or file a Support Request with VMware Support and note this KB article ID (2001549) in the problem description. For more information, see 
    Filing a Support Request in Customer Connect (2006985).

    Note: The preceding links were correct as of February 15, 2020. If you find a link is broken, provide feedback and a VMware employee will update the link.
      “esxcli software vib” commands to patch an ESXi 5.x/6.x host
    ESXi 5.0 および ESXi 5.1 用 LSI SMI-S CIM プロバイダの概要
    适用于 ESXi 5.0 和 ESXi 5.1 的 LSI SMI-S CIM 提供程序概览