Copying an AppStack/Packages to another App Volumes Manager instance When Storage Groups not in use
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Copying an AppStack/Packages to another App Volumes Manager instance When Storage Groups not in use


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This article provides instructions for moving an AppStack/Package to another App Volumes Manager environment.

Process to move Appstacks or Packages from one environment to another without storage group setup


VMware App Volumes 2.x
VMware App Volumes 4.x


To copy an Appstack to another App Volume Manager, enable SSH on host and use WinSCP to transfer the files.
To enable SSH from vSphere:
  1. Navigate to Hosts and Clusters.
  2. Select a host on the left with access to the desired datastore.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.
  4. Under Software, select Security Profile.
  5. Under Services, select Properties.
  6. Scroll down, select SSH, and click Options...
  7. Click Start, click OK and OK again to close the Services Properties window.
  8. Under Firewall select Properties.
  9. Select the check box option next to SSH Server to allow SSH through the local firewall, and click OK to close the window.

Any FTP Client or Putty can be used to connect to a host. The following instructions utilized WinSCP. To install and launch WinSCP (

  1. Connect to the hosts datastore using WinSCP:
  2. Create a new connection in WinSCP using these settings:

    • File Protocol=SCP
    • Host name=HOSTNAME
    • Port number=22
    • User name=root
    1. Log in and enter the root password when prompted.
    2. On the right, navigate to \vmfs\volumes\[]\cloudvolumes\apps for Appstack or \vmfs\volumes\[]\cloudvolumes\packages for Packages.
    3. Download the three or four files for the AppStack\package you wish to transfer (*.vmdk, *.vmdk.metadata,*.json *-flat.vmdk).
    4. Disconnect from the host.
  3. Disable SSH on the current host.
  4. Enable SSH on a host in the destination environment.
  5. Connect to the destination hosts datastore using the same configuration as the previous host.
  6. For Appstacks, Navigate to \vmfs\volumes\[]\cloudvolumes\apps . For Packages, \vmfs\volumes\[]\cloudvolumes\packages
  7. Upload the three or four files for the AppStack/Package to be transferred.

Note: Turning off "Optimize connection buffer size" in Advanced Settings - Connection in WinSCP will significantly speed up the transfer..

Import the AppStack\Package into App Volumes Manager:

  1. Open App Volumes Manager.
  2. Click the Volumes tab.
  3. Click the AppStacks\Package tab.
  4. Click the Import AppStacks.
  5. Select the storage where you uploaded the AppStack files and click Import.
  6. Select the desired import option and click Import.
  7. When the scan is finished, you should now see your AppStack in your available AppStacks.

Additional Information

You can share AppStacks between App Volumes Managers using a shared datastore.
For easier process of moving Appstacks/Packages, please see setting up Storage groups