VMware Lab Platform Compatibility checker
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VMware Lab Platform Compatibility checker


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 VMware Lab Platform is a cutting edge application that uses some newer features that may not be supported by your browser. VLP gives an option to run a compatibility check when user starts the lab.

This can be enabled by tenant administrators from Tenant Settings -> General options – “Auto run compatibility checker when user starts the lab”. If enabled, when a user starts a lab, the system prompts the user to choose whether to run a compatibility check. When run, the compatibility check shows and saves a report.

Below parameters are verified when a Compatibility check is run by a user:
  • Cookies are a basic feature of the web used on most web sites. This application uses cookies to keep you logged in and track your active session.
  • Web Storage (localStorage and sessionStorage) an HTML5 feature that provides the ability to store some semi-persistent information on your computer. Web Storage is used throughout the application to save information that improves your experience.
  • Canvas is an HTML5 feature that enables dynamic generation of images in your browser. This application requires Canvas. This application requires Canvas.
  • WebSocket is an HTML5 feature enables websites to communicate over a full-duplex network channel. This application requires WebSockets.
  • A Web Proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients (browsers) seeking resources from other servers. This application works best when a web proxy is not used.

Supported Browsers:

Supported Devices:

  •  Apple iPad


The speed test will help us evaluate any potential performance issues you are having with VMware Lab Platform that may be related to network bottlenecks. The test will be run three times, connecting to a different server each time. It first tests latency (network delay) and then speed (network bandwidth).

Recommended Scores

Latency - A good latency score would be less than 300 ms; the lower the better

Speed - A good speed score would be greater than 1.5Mb/s; the higher the better