VMware Lab Platform Drag and Drop Feature
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VMware Lab Platform Drag and Drop Feature


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VMware Lab Platform now has a drag and drop feature. The feature allows an end-user, someone taking Lab, to drag text from the lab’s instructional manual and drop it into a field in the lab console.

To use the Drag/Drop feature:

  1. Select some text in the manual. The Grab icon appears.
  2. Drop the text into the appropriate lab console.

Consider, the following example from HOL Lab: HOL-2085-01-EMT - VMware Learning Platform - Interactive Quick Demo on page no. 16, the manual instructs the end user to “LOG INTO USER INTERFACE”.  Using Drag/Drop you can simply drag your username ([email protected]) from the manual and drop it into the username field on the lab console and likewise, drag your password (VMware1!)and drop it into the password field.

See the Drag and Drop feature in action :