Antrea OVS Container crashes on vSphere with Tanzu TKR 1.24.11
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Antrea OVS Container crashes on vSphere with Tanzu TKR 1.24.11


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VMware vCenter Server


Workload clusters using Antrea CNI and TKR 1.24.11 will experience a crash on the antrea-ovs container once per approximately 24 hours.

The logging for the antrea-ovs container will look similar to the following:
2023-11-19T00:49:04.342123483Z stdout F [[1;34m2023-11-19T00:49:04Z [0;32mINFO [0;36mantrea-ovs[0m]: Starting ovsdb-server
2023-11-19T00:49:04.430417367Z stdout F Starting ovsdb-server.
2023-11-19T00:49:04.486011017Z stdout F Configuring Open vSwitch system IDs.
2023-11-19T00:49:04.487188085Z stderr F /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovs-ctl: line 46: hostname: command not found
2023-11-19T00:49:04.501822087Z stdout F Enabling remote OVSDB managers.
2023-11-19T00:49:04.503623773Z stdout F [1;34m2023-11-19T00:49:04Z [0;32mINFO [0;36mantrea-ovs[0m]: Started ovsdb-server
2023-11-19T00:49:04.505142698Z stdout F [[1;34m2023-11-19T00:49:04Z [0;32mINFO [0;36mantrea-ovs[0m]: Starting ovs-vswitchd
2023-11-19T00:49:04.52037129Z stdout F [[1;34m2023-11-19T00:49:04Z [0;32mINFO [0;36mantrea-ovs[0m]: ovs-vswitchd set hw-offload to false
2023-11-19T00:49:04.693833452Z stdout F Starting ovs-vswitchd.
2023-11-19T00:49:04.693885184Z stderr F /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovs-ctl: line 46: hostname: command not found
2023-11-19T00:49:04.711645343Z stdout F Enabling remote OVSDB managers.
2023-11-19T00:49:04.714087917Z stdout F [[1;34m2023-11-19T00:49:04Z [0;32mINFO [0;36mantrea-ovs[0m]: Started ovs-vswitchd
2023-11-19T00:49:04.715942076Z stdout F [[1;34m2023-11-19T00:49:04Z [0;32mINFO [0;36mantrea-ovs[0m]: Started the loop that checks OVS status every 30 seconds
2023-11-20T00:49:57.748308432Z stderr F error: failed to compress log /var/log/openvswitch/ovs-vswitchd.log.1



VMware vCenter Server 7.0.x
VMware vCenter Server 8.0


This is a known issue within the release of antrea included in this TKR: antrea:v1.7.2_vmware.3. The log-rotate feature in the antrea-ovs container is configured to rotate the logs daily but the image does not ship with gzip. Thus, the container crashes at regular intervals.


At this time there is no resolution. VMware engineering has advised that the fix will come in an upcoming TKR. Please use the subscribe feature of the KB to be notified of any updates. This article will be updated with a release when it becomes available.

Additional Information

The container will show a restart, but there has been no noticeable effect to production systems experiencing this issue.