Using Tanzu 8.x Licensing in vCenter 8.0 Release
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Using Tanzu 8.x Licensing in vCenter 8.0 Release


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There was a defect in vCenter 8.0 release that supports the Tanzu 7.x license keys as opposed to the Tanzu 8.x license keys. That is, you will not be able to assign a Tanzu 8.x License key to the Supervisor Cluster in the vCenter 8.0.0 release. This defect has now been addressed in 8.0a release. 


This issue is fixed in vSphere release 8.0.0A. You can now upgrade your vCenter to 8.0.0A release to resolve this issue. Once you upgrade you may use a valid Tanzu 8.x License key to assign to the Supervisor Cluster. Refer to the Tanzu License Documentation for more details.

If you have been using Tanzu 7.x license or, if you downgraded your Tanzu 8.x license key to use in the vCenter 8.0.0 release, please visit the Customer Connect Portal and upgrade your license key to 8.x. Only then can this license key be assigned to the Supervisor Cluster in 8.0.0A.

If for any reason, you wish to remain on vCenter 8.0.0 release(not recommended), you can use the following options.

• Until you upgrade, if you create a new Supervisor cluster in vCenter 8.0.0 release you can run the cluster in 60-day evaluation mode, upgrade to the 8.0.0A, and then assign a Tanzu 8.x license key.

• For upgrades from vCenter 7.x to vCenter 8.0.0 release, do nothing and any clusters already licensed with Tanzu 7.x keys will just work. You can verify the assigned licenses by navigating to the following screen -  Administration -> Licensing -> Licenses -> Assets -> Supervisor Clusters. 

• If you need to entitle a Supervisor cluster in vCenter 8.0.0 release with a license key, you can use your existing 7.x license key that you will later replace with an 8.x license key when you upgrade/patch vCenter 8.0.0A release.

Note: We strongly recommend you immediately upgrade to vCenter 8.0.0A release.