HCX - Unable to perform Bulk Migration when VM has per-VM EVC enabled
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HCX - Unable to perform Bulk Migration when VM has per-VM EVC enabled


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VMware HCX


To provide the cause and workaround for the migration error


When a Bulk migration is attempted on a VM which has per-VM Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) enabled, migration validation may pass however during the final switchover phase of the migration when attempting to power on the VM at the target site the following error may be experienced leading to a migration failure:

DRS power on failed for Virtual Machine 'vm-1234’ due to (vim.fault.NoCompatilbeHost)

HCX Migration UI:



This is due to a CPU mismatch on the source and destination ESXi hosts involved in the migration while per-VM EVC is enabled on the VM being migrated


There is no resolution at this time for HCX Bulk migrations


The workaround is to manually disable per-VM EVC on the VM prior to the migration switchover

The per-VM EVC setting can be confirmed in vCenter as follows:

vCenter >> [select VM] >> Configure >> VMware EVC


Additional Information

This issue only applies to HCX Bulk migration. In the HCX Migration UI, there is an option to remove the per-VM EVC setting for vMotion and Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV) migrations (see screenshot below) however this option does not exist for Bulk migration

The Bulk migration of the VM will fail