[VMConAWS] High CPU usage on HCX Connector / Manager
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[VMConAWS] High CPU usage on HCX Connector / Manager


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VMware Cloud on AWS


How to resolve high CPU on HCX Manager/Connector as a result of "/opt/vmware/bin/techsupport.pl" task consuming resources.

Check if HCX is stuck in a loop compressing the support log bundles

- HCX Manager shows high CPU usage around 100% for an extended period of time such as days.
- Log collection is failing
- Checking "top" from the admin command line you can see processes "/opt/vmware/bin/techsupport.pl" consuming resources
- Log collection/compression processes may be running for multiple days


This can be caused by a bad symbolic link "kafka -> /common/logs/kafka" causing an infinite loop during compression.


On-Prem HCX Connector:
- Login and assume root privileges.
- Check for the presence of a bad symlink:

root@hcx [ /common/logs/kafka ]# ls -al /common/logs/kafka/ | grep common/logs
lrwxrwxrwx 1 kafka kafka 18 Jun 4 2019 kafka -> /common/logs/kafka

- Remove the bad symlink:

root@hcx [ /common/logs/kafka ]# rm kafka

VMC on AWS HCX Connector:
Open a support request with VMware support. 


Additional Information

This could slow down HCX Manager performance and will prevent log collection from being successful, but should not have any impact on production tunnels.