Site Recovery Manager & Vsphere Replication have issues post upgrade from 8.6 to 8.7
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Site Recovery Manager & Vsphere Replication have issues post upgrade from 8.6 to 8.7


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VMware Live Recovery


Vsphere Replication was first upgraded to 8.7 from 8.6 followed by Site Recovery Manager. Both the version upgrade completed fine, not getting an error as below & the protection group is showing as "Not Configured".
SRM Server cannot connect to VR Management Server at '{VRMS FQDN}:8043'. A general system error occurred: N7Vmacore4Http13HttpExceptionE HTTP error response: Bad Request. Reason: HTTP Status 400 – Bad Requestbody font-family:Tahoma,Arial,sans-serif; h1, h2, h3, b color:white;background-color:#525D76; h1 font-size:22px; h2 font-size:16px; h3 font-size:14px; p font-size:12px; a color:black; .line height:1px;background-color:#525D76;border:none;

HTTP Status 400 – Bad Request

[context]zKq7AVECAAQAAEnuTgEJdm13YXJlLWRyAADtoRxsaWJ2bWFjb3JlLnNvAAGkghBsaWJjb25uZWN0aW9uLWJhc2Uuc28AARm6EAEacAoATQExAK0YMQAOJUECh38AbGlicHRocmVhZC5zby4wAAMvNg9saWJjLnNvLjYA[/context] [backtrace begin] product: VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, version: 8.7.0, build: build-21950025, tag: vmware-dr, cpu: x86_64, os: linux, buildType: release backtrace[03][0x001CA1ED] backtrace[04][0x001082A4] backtrace[05][0x0010BA19] backtrace[06][0x000A701A] backtrace[07][0x0031014D] backtrace[08][0x003118AD] backtrace[09][0x0041250E] backtrace[10][0x00007F87] backtrace[11][0x000F362F] [backtrace end]



VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.x
VMware vSphere Replication 8.x


Site Recovery Manager is not able to resolve Vsphere Replication FQDN.


See workaround.

Login to the Vsphere Replication appliance: https://FQDN:5480
Change local host in reconfigure in vSphere Replication from FQDN to IP.
Perform the above step on other site.
Reconnect in site recovery
Everything should be synched afterward.

Additional Information

Cannot configure VM protection in Site Recovery Manager.

Alternate solution:
If the IP address settings shown above cannot be used due to security reason by the customer then the local host name and the certificate need to be set using lowercase only for the FQDN of the VRMS appliance:
Example : use instead of