vMotion fails with error "Module 'MonitorLoop' power on failed"
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vMotion fails with error "Module 'MonitorLoop' power on failed"


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VMware vSphere ESXi


  • vMotion may fail when all of the following conditions are met:

- Using vCenter 7.0.
- Destination ESXi host is newer version/build than Source ESXi host.
- Using DRS and resource pools.
- Affected Virtual Machine has all memory reserved.

  • You see the error in the Destination ESXi host:

2022-09-04T17:25:42.690Z verbose hostd[2102552] [Originator@6876 sub=Vigor.Vmsvc.vm:/vmfs/volumes/datastore/VM/VM.vmx] VMotionPrepare: MigrateFromDest message: Module 'MonitorLoop' power on failed.
--> The VM failed to resume on the destination during early power on.

2022-09-04T17:25:42.683Z cpu33:22312387)Admission failure in path: host/user/pool16/pool57:vm.22312387:vmm.22312387
2022-09-04T17:25:42.683Z cpu33:22312387)vmm.22312387 (55658140) extraMin/extraFromParent: 3145728/3145728, pool57 (55658128) childEmin/eMinLimit: 28423/3173120
2022-09-04T17:25:42.684Z cpu33:22312387)WARNING: MemSched: vm 22312388: 4764: invalid memory allocation for VMM group: Admission check failed for memory resource


  • You see the error in the affected Virtual Machine log:

2022-09-04T17:25:42.688Z| vmx| | I005: Msg_Post: Error
2022-09-04T17:25:42.688Z| vmx| | I005: [vob.sched.group.mem.invalid3] Group vmm.22312387: Failed to apply memory configuration for VMM group vmm0:VM. (min: 3145728, max: 3145728, minLimit: 18446744073709551615, shares: 18446744073709551613, units: pages)
2022-09-04T17:25:42.688Z| vmx| | I005: [msg.vmmonVMK.admitFailed] Could not power on virtual machine: Admission check failed for memory resource.
2022-09-04T17:25:42.688Z| vmx| | I005+ See the VMware ESX Resource Management Guide for information on resource management settings.
2022-09-04T17:25:42.688Z| vmx| | I005: [msg.monitorLoop.createVMFailed.vmk] Failed to power on VM.


VMware vSphere 7.0.x


This issue may occur because the required overhead memory size for Virtual Machine differs depending on the version/build of ESXi host.


Virtual Machine migration will be successful with either of the following.

  • Setting the Virtual Machine memory reservation value to 0.

Set the memory reservation value to 0 from Virtual Machine "Edit Settings".
Migrate to the Destination ESXi host.
After successful migration, set back the memory reservation value to original max value.

  • Cold migration.

Power off Virtual Machine.
Migrate to the Destination ESXi host.
Power on Virtual Machine.

Additional Information

Unable to enter the Maintenance mode, when trying to maintain the source ESXi host.