How do I change the secret phrase using sm_rebond in SMARTS?
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How do I change the secret phrase using sm_rebond in SMARTS?


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VMware Smart Assurance - SMARTS


Changing the secret phrase using sm_rebond in SMARTS.

All InCharge suites and applications that interact with each other must share a common secret phrase.  By default, the secret phrase is Not a secret without the quotes and with the spaces.  To change the secret phrase, you will need to run  "sm_rebond" from BASEDIR/smarts/bin file.  The following command will allow you to change the secret phrase:  sm_rebond --basedir=<path to BASEDIR>

Additional Information

The path to BASEDIR of the SAM Suite for a default installation on Microsoft Windows would be:  C:\InCharge6\SAM\smarts.
On UNIX, it would be:  /opt/ICharge6/SAM/smarts.
Below is the output from changing the secret phrase successfully:

C:\InCharge6\SAM\smarts\bin>sm_rebond.exe --basedir=C:\InCharge6\SAM\smarts
Enter the old pass phrase: XXXXXXX
[29-Apr-2005 10:16:48 AM+983ms Eastern Daylight Time] t@3356 <Primary Thread>
CI-N-EBOND_PHRASE_VERIFIED-Correct pass phrase for the old IMK; re-bonding...
Enter the one time pass phrase: XXXXXXXXXXXX
Re-enter the pass phrase: XXXXXXXXXXXX