Products reported with vCloud Usage Meter 4.7 Customer Rules
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Products reported with vCloud Usage Meter 4.7 Customer Rules


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VMware Aria Suite


vCloud Usage Meter 4.7 uses customer rules to tag the usage of selected vCenter and VMware Cloud Director objects. Those objects include:
  • vCenter - vCenter Server, vCenter Server cluster, datacenter, host, resource pool, and folder
  • VMware Cloud Director - VMware Cloud Director organization
Customer rules consist of a tag called a customer label and a vCenter or VMware Cloud Director object. For example, if a customer rule with the name "ACME" is applied to a vCenter Server host, all usage that vCloud Usage Meter captures for that host will appear in the Customer Monthly Usage Report (CMR) with the label "ACME".

By creating customer rules in vCloud Usage Meter, you associate customers with virtual machines that the appliance meters.

Note: vCloud Usage Meter rebuilds customer rules on every collection. If you create, change, or remove a rule, it will be applied to reports after a subsequent collection run.  The change will be reflected in the customer monthly usage report within 24 hours in Cloud Partner Navigator.

You can associate a customer rule with objects on different object levels in the inventory.

Applying customer rules on different objects in the same inventory might result in overlapping of the customer rules in which case vCloud Usage Meter applies only the active customer rule.  For example, overlapping rules are when you have one rule for a vCenter host and another rule for a folder in the same vCenter host. An active customer rule is the customer rule that is the closest to the virtual machine level. As a best practice, consider always configuring the customer rules on the same object type.

For Sovereign Cloud environments, customer rules are used for end-user reporting in the VMware Commerce Portal.

Here is the list of products that are currently reported with customer rules in vCloud Usage Meter 4.7:
  • VMware vCloud SP Core Bundle (Flex Core)

  • VMware Cloud Foundation for SDDC Manager

  • Tanzu Basic

  • Tanzu Standard

  • VMware vRealize Operations Standard Add-on

  • VMware vRealize Operations Advanced Add-on

  • VMware vRealize Operations Enterprise Add-on

  • VMware vRealize Network Insight Advanced Add-on

  • VMware vRealize Network Insight Enterprise Add-on

  • VMware NSX DC SP Professional

  • VMware NSX DC SP Advanced

  • VMware NSX DC SP Enterprise+

  • VMware NSX Enterprise

  • VMware vRealize Operations Standard (managed)

  • VMware vRealize Operations Advanced (managed)

  • VMware vRealize Operations Enterprise (managed)

  • VMware vRealize Network Insight Advanced (managed)

  • VMware vRealize Network Insight Enterprise (managed)
  • VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Note: All other products' usage plus untagged and a fraction of the usage, go under No Customer Rule in the Customer Monthly Usage Report.


VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.x

Additional Information

For more information on managing customer rules, visit the following page.