vCloud Usage Meter 4.6 reports vSAN partial collection error
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vCloud Usage Meter 4.6 reports vSAN partial collection error


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VMware Aria Suite



When using vCloud Usage Meter 4.6 for metering of vCenter Server with enabled vSAN, the vCenter Server collection fails with the following error: "Partial collection failure: vSAN". This error is also shown on the Notifications window in the Usage Meter web application. The Usage Meter vccol_main.log reveals the following error:

2022-11-29 14:29:26.104 ERROR --- [vCenter collector thread] c.v.u.v.vsan.VsanServiceSession   : Failed to query cluster domain-xx for CNS volumes



VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.x


vCloud Usage Meter fails to query CNS volumes in vSAN due to missing the permission - Cns->Searchable.


To resolve this issue, add a Cns->Searchable permission along with Profile-driven storage to the vCenter Server user which is used by Usage Meter to collect usage data from the vCenter Server.

To add the needed permissions for vSAN usage collection:

  1. Log in to vSphere as administrator.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Roles.
  3. Edit the vCenter Server read-only user role that you use for metering with vCloud Usage Meter.
  4. Select Profile-driven storage > Profile-driven storage view.
  5. Select Cns >Searchable.

Additional Information


 The vSAN usage is not included in the reports because of this error.