How to register Usage Meter with a different VCPP contract
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How to register Usage Meter with a different VCPP contract


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VMware Aria Suite


vCloud Usage Meter can be registered with a different VCPP contract without being installed and configured anew.

To register your existing Usage Meter with a different VCPP contract, follow the steps below:
  1. Wait until the reporting month completes and your MBO is generated and submitted in the VMware Commerce Portal.
  2. At the beginning of the following month, go to VMware Commerce Portal -> Contracts.
Note: You must have an Auto-Report Operations role in the VMware Commerce Portal to de-register a Usage Meter from a VCPP contract.
  1. Select the VCPP contract with which your Usage Meter is registered.
  2. Click Delete from the three-dot menu next to your Usage Meter instance. By deleting your Usage Meter from your old VCPP contract, you will no longer report usage associated with it.
  3. Under Contracts, click the new contract name with which you wish to register your Usage Meter.
  4. Click Register New to register your Usage Meter.
  5. Add the following information:
  1. Name - Enter a unique name for your Usage Meter instance.
  2. Instance ID - Add the Usage Meter UUID. You can copy it from the Usage Meter web application -> About.
  3. Version - Select the Usage Meter version.
  4. Mode - Select the mode in which the appliance will operate. The modes are Production and Test. The Test is for evaluating the product with no reporting to the VMware Commerce Portal of the collected data. The Production mode means that the collected usage data will be reported to the VMware Commerce Portal.
  1. Click OK to register the Usage Meter with the new contract. Now your Usage Meter instance will start reporting data for your new contract.


VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.x