VTEP faulty Alarm
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VTEP faulty Alarm


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VMware NSX Networking


Title: Alarm for Faulty VTEP.
Event ID: tep_health.faulty_tep
Added in release: 4.1.0/ M22
Alarm Description
  • Purpose: faulty vtep due to no IP on VTEP or all BFD sessions from the VTEP is down
  • Impact: Overlay VMs using this local vtep would face network outage.
1. If all BFD sessions from a local vtep is down: Check underlay configuration for packet forwarding issues at TOR and all of the next-hops involved in routing in underlay.
2. If local vtep has no IP: if provisioning type selected is dhcp for local vtep, check dhcp server configuration is proper and pool exhaustion is not seen at dhcp server.
3. Check for pnic firmware issues and upgrade pnic firmware to latest version.
After fixing the underlay issue check for local vtep state by below api once manual or auto recovery is done for 'bfd down' case:
GET: https://'nsx-manager-ip'/api/v1/transport-nodes/'node-id'/network/interfaces?source=realtime
It should show local vtep state as NORMAL.
sample output:
interfaceId: vmk10,
linkStatus: UP,
adminStatus: UP,
mtu: 1600,
interfaceAlias: [{
ipAddress: {
ipv4: 2239043120
ipConfiguration: STATIC,
macAddress: 00:50:56:66:67:a6
state: NORMAL


VMware NSX-T Data Center

Additional Information

API Guide: https://developer.vmware.com/apis/1583/nsx-t
Admin Guide: