Failure to deactivate clusters from NSX Intelligence Settings page.
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Failure to deactivate clusters from NSX Intelligence Settings page.


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VMware NSX Networking


  • You have NSX Version
  • You have configured Multi NSX, this means an Multiple NSX managers can manager a single vCenter.
  • When attempting to deactivate a cluster or clusters in System - NSX Intelligence - Data Collection by selecting the cluster or clusters and clicking DEACTIVE, a NOTIFICATION pops up indicating:
Json de-serialization error: property owner_nsx is unrecognized
  • Which can also be seen in /napp/nsxi-platform/data-collection-*:
2023-05-09T06:04:36,395ESC[m ESC[1;31mERROR ESC[m[ESC[1;34mhttps-jsse-nio-[m] ESC[1;33mc.v.n.p.c.e.AbstractExceptionMapperESC[m: INTELLIGENCE [nsx@6876 comp="nsx-manager"
errorCode="INT98" level="ERROR" subcomp="manager"] status 400 reading PolicyApi#patchNsxIntelligenceTransportNodeClusterInfoList(String,String,NsxIntelligenceTransportNodeClusterInfoList); content:
  "httpStatus" : "BAD_REQUEST",
  "error_code" : 287,
  "module_name" : "common-services",
  "error_message" : "Json de-serialization error: property owner_nsx is unrecognized."
  • And in /var/log/proton/nsxapi.log we also see the log entry:
2023-05-05T20:39:16.963Z  INFO http-nio- NsxBaseRestController 4804 SYSTEM [nsx@6876 audit="true" comp="nsx-manager" level="INFO" subcomp="manager"] UserName:'napp_platform_egress' ModuleName:'common-services' Operation:'PATCH@/api/v1/infra/sites/default/intelligence/clusters' Operation status: 'failure' Error: Json de-serialization error: property owner_nsx is unrecognized.


VMware NSX


Multi NSX is configured on this environment, this feature is not supported on
When triggering the data collection de-activation from UI, NSX sends the de-activation response to NSX Intelligence without the parameter "owner_nsx" which Intelligence expects. Therefore, the response from NSX is rejected.


The issue is resolved in VMware NSX and NSX-T data center 3.2.2 available at VMware downloads.

  • You can deactivate the data collection using API call instead of the UI.
  • Use the following GET API call to retrieve the entire cluster list:
GET https://<mgr-ip>/policy/api/v1/infra/sites/default/intelligence/clusters?cluster_type=HOST_CLUSTER
  • Use the entire cluster list obtained from the API call above, add that as the body to the below PATCH API call, for each cluster you wish to deactivate, change the "enabled" parameter to false as shown below and send the PATCH API call:
PATCH https://<mgr-ip>/policy/api/v1/infra/sites/default/intelligence/clusters
    "clusters": [
            "cluster_id": "bc43f52b-d22c-4a61-8501-5334d4bca0b5:domain-c9",
            "cluster_type": "HOST_CLUSTER",
            "enabled": false,<---------------------------------- toggle this field to the desired value.
            "resource_type": "IntelligenceClusterConfig",
            "id": "bc43f52b-d22c-4a61-8501-5334d4bca0b5:domain-c9",
            "display_name": "Cluster-1",
            "path": "/infra/sites/93982fd9-7cc1-471d-8944-444c5db20753/intelligence/cluster-configs/bc43f52b-d22c-4a61-8501-5334d4bca0b5:domain-c9"