Unable to migrate virtual machine in NSX-T prepared hosts - vdl2: down
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Unable to migrate virtual machine in NSX-T prepared hosts - vdl2: down


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VMware NSX Networking


  • The hosts are prepared for NSX-T Overlay traffic.
  • The hosts have not been moved between transport zones, there is another issue which has same error, this is dealt with in this KB: 68088
  • The TEP (Tunnel End Point) interface have been configured to get their IP addresses from DHCP
  • The error seen on screen when trying to connect to a logical network looks like this:
  • Run the following command on the host:
net-dvs | grep "component.vdl2"
  • In the result you will see the vdl2 component status is down:
com.vmware.common.opaqueDvs.status.component.vdl2 = down , propType = RUNTIME
  • To check on the ESXi host if it obtained the correct IP address or a link local address, run the following command:
esxcli network ip interface ipv4 get
  • The below image shows the TEP interface of an EXi host, vmk10 using a link local address and it is configured for DHCP:


VMware NSX-T


This issue can occur when a host is prepared for NSX-T and the TEP interfaces used for overlay traffic are configured to obtain IP addresses from DHCP.
Therefore if the ESXi host is unable to get an IP address from the DHCP server, the TEP interface will use an address from the Link Local address range.


This is a configuration issue, please make sure the interface configured for overlay traffic on the ESXi host are able to connect to the DHCP server and obtain an IP address.
If this is the case, also make sure there are sufficient IP address available in the DHCP range.