During NSX-T upgrade, ESXi host may experience a PSOD
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During NSX-T upgrade, ESXi host may experience a PSOD


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VMware NSX Networking


  • You are upgrading NSX-T from an NSX-T version less than 3.2.0 to version 3.2.0 or higher.
  • You are using the In-Place option to upgrade the ESXi hosts.
  • You have configured policy based routing with HCX.
  • On the ESXi host, running net-vdr --policyTable -l will show results such as, which indicate HCX policy routing is enabled:
#net-vdr --policyTable -l
Policy Tables
Id Name Ref
--- ------------------------------ ---
5 8926fa40-f856-4379-b237-3e17a67a73fc 25
Policy Table ID 5 Information
#net-vdr --policy -l -B 5
Policy Table 5
Destination GenMask Flags Ref Action HitCount
----------- ------- ----- --- ------ -------- 1 allow 0 1 allow 0 1 allow 0 1 allow 0
Policy count = 4
Dumping DR FL tables
IPv4 FLE entries
FL Table Dump.


VMware NSX-T


When policy routing is configured with HCX and you are doing an In-Place upgrade, this can trigger a PSOD on the ESXi host.
Note: For further details on HCX policy routing Mobility Optimized Networking Policy Route


This is a known issue impacting NSX-T data center.

When doing the NSX-T upgrade, instead of an inplace upgrade, use maintenance mode for the ESXi hosts upgrade.
In HCX if possible, you can disable the policy routing before the upgrade.