NSX Edge Dataplane Fails after Upgrade or Upgrade of Hardware Version
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NSX Edge Dataplane Fails after Upgrade or Upgrade of Hardware Version


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VMware NSX Networking


  • You have edge nodes deployed in Extra Large form factor.
  • You updated the edge hardware version to 17 or higher and are running NSX-T version 3.2 or lower.
  • The status of the edge is in UNKNOWN state System - Fabric -Nodes.
  • Checking /var/log/core/ on the edge node, there is a core dump for the dataplane service:
  • In the edge log /var/log/syslog the below FATAL error is displayed:
FABRIC [nsx@6876 comp="nsx-edge" subcomp="datapathd" s2comp="intel-rte" level="FATAL"] Requested more RX queues than max available for port 0max: 8 req: 9


VMware NSX-T


The Edge VM hardware version has been updated to version 17 (or higher).
In versions older than 3.2, control priority reserved a core for processing, and allocated 8 RX and TX queues for the VM.
In 3.2, an additional queue is used for control prio, and for extra large form factor edges there are not enough queues allocated by the ESXi for this request.
If the version is 3.2 and the edge form factor is Extra large, it is ok to upgrade the hardware version to 17 or higher and make use of the additional queue for control prio.


This issue is resolved in VMware NSX 4.0, available at VMware downloads.

The workaround is to disable control prio on the edge node:
 > set dataplane ctrl-prio disabled
Please restart dataplane service for the change to take effect.
 > restart service dataplane
Note: Restarting the dataplane service on an edge node will impact traffic traversing the edge node, while the service is down.