Ubuntu 22.04.1 issues with Bitfusion 22.04 client
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Ubuntu 22.04.1 issues with Bitfusion 22.04 client


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VMware vSphere ESXi


When you have Ubuntu 22.04.1 and run the 22.04 client, if you run commands you will run into the following error:

bitfusion run -n 1 nvidia-smi
Requested resources:
Server List:
Client idle timeout: 0 min
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
exit status 139


VMware vSphere Bitfusion 4.x


This is due to an issue with 22.04.1 updating GLIBC to 2.35 and changing calls from SYS_clone to SYS_clone3


This issue will be resolved in the 22.04 client that will be released with 4.5.3. For a workaround we have developed a library to handle the notated change correctly.


1. Download the library attached to this KB on the right side under "Attachments" and copy to your client machine

SHA 256 checksum: e5f219501a5bf3ed749d66797c7df0bb2bcfa39815d3b0d2db2442bbcec5c61b

2. Go to the following directory: cd /opt/bitfusion/4.5.2-474898f7/x86_64-linux-gnu/lib/
3. Backup the current library: sudo mv libsyscall_intercept.so.0 libsyscall_intercept.so.backup
4. copy the updated library to the same directory and rename accordingly: sudo cp /home/customer/libsyscall_intercept.so libsyscall_intercept.so.0
5. Update file owner:  sudo chown root:root libsyscall_intercept.so.0
6. Update file permissions: sudo chmod 755 libsyscall_intercept.so.0
7. Test the Bitfusion client again:  bitfusion run -n 1 nvidia-smi


libsyscall_intercept get_app