Bitfusion 4.5.1 and NVIDIA 460.106.00
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Bitfusion 4.5.1 and NVIDIA 460.106.00


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VMware vSphere ESXi


The NVIDIA driver certified and tested to work with Bitfusion 4.5.1 is version 460.73.01. After the Bitfusion 4.5.1 release some customers have asked if they could use NVIDIA driver 460.106.00, since 460.106.00 had support for some additional NVIDIA hardware. 
We tested 460.106.00 with Bitfusion 4.5.1 in our test environment and it passed all of our tests, so we can certify that it will work with Bitfusion 4.5.1.


VMware vSphere Bitfusion 4.x


If you wish to use NVIDIA driver 460.106.00 in your environment: 
Download the driver from The file is called 
Install the driver using the instructions "Install the NVIDIA Driver in an Air Gapped Network Environment" (
The install-nvidia-packages script will notice that the driver you are installing is not the currently supported NVIDIA driver for this release, and it will ask you "Do you wish to continue?" Answer "y". 
If you don't wish to be prompted, pass the flag "--yes" to the install-nvidia-packages script and it will report that the driver is not the supported driver and then install it.