When one of the masters is down, minion grain items observed in RAAS may become inaccurate
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When one of the masters is down, minion grain items observed in RAAS may become inaccurate


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VMware Aria Suite



Raas UI or API display incorrect/obsolete minion grains data.
For example in scenario:

a) we have initial data of the grains "atest" = "day1",
b) then one of the master was stop "master-2-new"
c) grains data was updated to the value "day2"
d) in RAAS UI we see data grain 'atest" item as "day2"


e) but when we refresh UI again we see  'atest" item as "day1", which is invalid.



VMware Aria Automation Config 8.12.x


This is known issue and it will be fixed in 8.11.2.


There are two available workarounds for this issue:

1. Bring the offline master online and grains will be synced automatically
    systemctl start salt-master 

2. Delete the data corresponds to the offline master cache directly from RAAS database.
a) stop the RAAS service 
  systemctl stop raas

b) login to the RAAS database using psql

c) find the master uuid for offline master 

  SELECT uuid,master_id,last_seen FROM masters;
                 uuid                 |           master_id            |         last_seen
   d7b71040-3c16-4b66-819b-41f7311ac9bb | master22-new                   | 2023-01-16 11:09:21.017248
   25fe05bb-e3dd-404f-b7be-30ac2978c7c3 | saltstack_enterprise_installer | 2023-02-16 11:09:33.650634
  (2 rows)

  note the master's down UUID, in this case: d7b71040-3c16-4b66-819b-41f7311ac9bb

d) Delete cache data:

  DELETE from minion_grains WHERE master_uuid = 'd7b71040-3c16-4b66-819b-41f7311ac9bb';
  DELETE FROM minion_cache WHERE master_uuid = 'd7b71040-3c16-4b66-819b-41f7311ac9bb';

     *******  if no errors are reported commit or rollback when psql report and issue

d) start RAAS service

 systemctl start raas

Additional Information


This issue is affecting Multi Master setup, HA HOT https://docs.saltproject.io/en/latest/topics/tutorials/multimaster.html and only when one of that master is down.
Issue is seen only when grains data was updated since the master is down.