VIO vMotion of an instance fails with the error: Failed waiting for data
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VIO vMotion of an instance fails with the error: Failed waiting for data


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VMware VMware vSphere ESXi VMware Integrated OpenStack


  • VIO vMotion of an instance fails with the error: 
Failed waiting for data.
  • In vmware.log on the destination ESXi host, you can see logs similar to
2021-08-02T07:05:23.279Z| vmx| I125: [msg.migrate.waitdata.platform] Failed waiting for data.  Error bad003f. Connection closed by remote host, possibly due to timeout.
  • In vmware.log on the source ESXi host, you can see logs siilar to
2021-08-02T07:05:23.221Z| vcpu-0| I125: serial0: Connection to vSPC was not established in specified time limit.
2021-08-02T07:05:23.221Z| vcpu-0| I125: CPT: error saving group serial0, 0


VMware Integrated Openstack 7.x
VMware Integrated OpenStack 6.x


For each instance, serial console logs are sent to VIO controllers via vspc connections.
If /var/log/vspc on these controllers is full of instance console logs, this vspc connection cannot write logs to this device due to "No space left on device".  As a result, vMotion for that instance will fail.


This is a known issue affecting VMware Integrated Openstack 7.x

As a workaround, we can delete log files on the persistent volume container that are taking up too much space.
  1. SSH to the VIO Management Server.
  2. Retrieve the list of compute pods with: 
osctl get pods|grep compute
  1. Tunnel into the compute pod with: 
kubectl exec -it <pod> -n openstack /bin/bash
  1. Change into the volume's mounted directory: 
cd /var/log/vspc
  1. Run this command to have the log files listed from smallest to largest: 
ls -lSr
  1. Delete files as the customer sees fit.