MSP: Save fails on a project created and baselined with team and assignment in MSP


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Doing a 'Save As' from MSP to Clarity fails if a project is created in MSP, has Clarity resources staffed and assigned to new tasks, then baselined in MSP.

Steps to Reproduce: 

Prerequisite: an active connection is already established between Clarity and MSP by opening a project from Clarity and closing the project without closing out of MSP completely.

  1. In MSP create a project
  2. Browse PPM for resource and add the resource to the project
  3. Create a task and assign the resource to the task
  4. Create a baseline
  5. 'Save as' to Clarity

Expected Result: Project save is successful

Actual Result: Project save fails


Caused by CLRT-79005


This issue applies to 14.3 with the MSP new driver, it is not reproducible on 14.2 and other lower versions


Resolved in Clarity 14.4.


Clear baseline in MSP and baseline in Clarity once the project saves