Elements synchronized from CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA) to CA Performance Manager (CAPM) are not in the correct domain


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA) CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Symptoms of this issue appear after adding the NFA Data Source (DS) into CA Performance Center (CAPC) and the NFA to CAPC element synchronization completes. 

When that activity is completed the following odd behavior might be observed:

  1. NFA synchronized elements appear as members of the wrong IP Domain in CAPC

  2. Devices that are known to CAPC as both being discovered and polled by the Data Aggregator (DA) and also synchronized from NFA, show different data in different views. One element representing the devices shows DA based polled SNMP data but no NFA data, while a second element representing the devices shows NFA based data but no DA based polled SNMP data


Release: RAIB1H99000-9.3-Network Flow Analysis-Interface Bundle-Hardware


At root the cause of this issue is addition of the NFA DS to CAPC after elements have been discovered by the DA. Per the NFA integration with CAPC user guides it discusses adding the NFA DS to CAPC before any discovery profiles are run in the DA.

The result of this incorrect order of configuration is that the synchronized elements may end up in the wrong IP Domain in CAPC. If that is done the result observed is where for example all NFA synchronized elements are placed in the Default Domain, but their DA discovered equivalents reside in a custom IP Domain.

Due to this there may appear to be now solution in CAPC since manual element movement between IP Domains is limited to DA discovered devices. We would see the NFA contributed devices in the Default Domain membership in this example, while the DA discovered equivalents reside in the custom IP Domain. The result of this is no option to move the elements from one Domain to another as can be done via the DC Status pages for DA discovered devices.

But a solution does exist for this in the NFA UI. The solution can be performed post NFA DS creation in CAPC.

The solution is to manage the Domain membership in the NFA UI through the Administration settings. Log into the NFA UI and go to the Administration area. Under the Interfaces options select the "Physical & Virtual" option. Select to edit the active interfaces that reside in the wrong IP Domain and modify the Domain value to the correct IP Domain. Save the changes.

Once the changes are made, after the next update sync cycles for the NFA DS completes, followed by a DA DS update synchronization cycle, the elements should now reside in the correct IP Domain.